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It's All About Relationships


Everything is about relationships. Everything. Whatever can be done will always be done better within the context of good, functional relationships.Relationships are so central to life that it is as though the relationship to the whole cosmos suffers when humans are at odds with one another.

Ashley Montagu, A British/American anthropologist, was so keen on the importance of relationships that he suggested that any community, town, or village that grew to greater than three thousand people systemically began to work against the quality of human existence. Anonymity in metropolitan existence actually degrades the meaning of our lives. We treat people differently when we know people than when we don't live in relationship.

An article related the story of a Chicago man who received a speeding ticket while rushing to get a heart attack victim to the hospital. Imagine that scenario in our little community. If you were stopped by a peace officer on the way to St. Marks in La Grange and a peace officer saw the circumstance, his lights would go on and he would escort the speeding car to the hospital! It is about relationships.

Have you been impressed with how much of what Jesus said was about our relationships? First, he couldn't say enough about our relationship to God. It was as though that relationship is the fountain of strength for our human relationships. When we experience a relationship of grace with our Creator it inevitably works its way out into extending grace to our neighbor. 

This week I was picking up sweet feed at Tractor Supply. A young black man, with a huge smile, bent over and lifted the heavy bag into my cart. We talked briefly and I thanked him profusely. "Oh, I'm just a country boy from around here. That is what we do. We help each other."   I am hoping that Daman will visit us at Soul Café. He would fit right into this relational community of those who want to make neighbors out of strangers and friends out of enemies.

Let's guard and cherish what we have here. It is the Jesus way of life.


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