About Us

Soul Cafe is first of all a community of friends.  We live in and around a small, central Texas village in the unincorporated town of Ledbetter.  We don't have a signal light and the Texas Highway Department doesn't even think we deserve a "Reduced Speed Limit" sign.  However, most everybody in town will tell you, "Life is better in Ledbetter."
There are several reasons we gather at Soul Cafe.  One is that we have found it important in life to nourish our soulish center.  We believe that soul is far more than just the autonomous fragment that will live on after we die.  We believe it is the interactive center of everything that concerns life right here and now. Nourishing our soul holds us together in an otherwise fragmented and malnourished world.  Soul brings all aspects of life together and bridges the gaps between what we say and what we do.  
There are some things that characterize our community.  It is our longing to become intentional followers of Jesus.  We think He is the most phenomenal person ever to walk the face of this planet and that He is the very picture and likeness of who God is.  We also believe that in Jesus we see ourselves, the person God created us to be.  Through our faith in Jesus we are on that journey of becoming.  That is the reason we get together at Soul Cafe.  And when we meet to worship our Heavenly Father, we learn how to live life together, and we learn how best to serve God as His children in the world.
It's a pretty simple menu but it will really nourish your soul.
Soul Cafe meets every Sunday morning at the Ledbetter Cemetery Church at 426 Prospect Road.  We are North of Highway 290, behind the Ledbetter Volunteer Fire Department.
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Worship
Join us,
Doug Tipps, Minister

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